Rules & Safety

Please read and follow instructions below so we all can enjoy using Zalistic in a safe and honest manner, thank You!




Must be at least 18 years of age to sign up, post, or make any kinds of transactions on Zalisticclassifieds or to any private sellers from any items / products on any Zalistic Companies sites.

If under the age of 18 you will be required to have your legal guardian present with you at all times and will have to have them sign up to post, list, or sell any items on Zalistic Classifieds.


Items / Products / Postings / Services:


All postings MUST be true and honest to the item listed.

All posting descriptions MUST be accurate and truthful as the item / products really is in “as in” condition.

Please indicate on your postings in the description box whether Your items will be under “warranty” or not.

Under NO Circumstance should your Items, Products, Postings, or Services, Advertise, display, promote, or reflect any kind of crime or criminal activity / activities




Always meet in day light in public places with other people around the area.

Never go alone to view or purchase any products you seen posted.

Always have at least two people present with you.

Do Not drive or take your item / product to anyone thats says they are interested in buying it from you. ( If they are a serious buyer have them come out to you and find a way)

Make sure you have made contact by phone and hear their voice to confirm before going to any location.

If you ever feel in Danger when meeting with a private seller call “911” Immediately!




NEVER Wire money, transfer money, give PayPal info, Give bank info, Don’t give Credit card info, Never collect checks, Do not give your items to anyone that says someone else will pick it up from you and they give you half and deposit the rest in your bank account or other form of payment, and Do not take payments!


Picture Uploads:


Pictures or information given / posted MUST NOT provide Nudity, Foul Language, Drugs, or anything inappropriate or something that may be defensive to others.

Please keep everything appropriate for all ages.

All pictures loaded must be of the actual item / products you are representing to sell.

All pictures loaded must be of the item / product by itself Without Any advertisement on or around the item / products listed. For example, No dealership titles, names, finance information, or qualifications info listed.

For dealerships you can include finance info and your dealership name in the “description” box and also for your profile when creating a membership account.

For Real / Estate agents please describe the property as best as you can with also how the neighborhood honestly is around the home.

Real Estate agents please upload a picture of yourself and brokerage firm Logo you represent. For example: Remax, Caldwell, Keller Williams, etc. . .

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